2024 Contact Center AI Market Executive Handbook

Contact centers are experiencing a transformation with the rise of artificial intelligence (AI) technology. The “AI-Enabled Contact Center Guide” provides contact center leaders with a comprehensive overview of the strategic, practical, and tactical application of AI in contact centers. This report offers insights into the underlying AI technologies, common use cases, benefits, and projected payback for the top systems used in contact centers.

With the growing importance of delivering outstanding and cost-effective customer experiences (CX), contact centers are at a pivotal point. The emergence of AI and automation has equipped them with the tools needed to achieve these goals. The executive handbook included in this guide serves as a key resource for enterprise and CX leaders aiming to adapt to the future landscape of customers, employees, and technology within the next 5 to 8 years.

Key highlights of the report include:

– Analysis of the contact center AI story and the significance of AI technologies in enhancing customer experiences cost-effectively.
– Examination of CX trends and opportunities driving the adoption of AI in contact centers.
– Strategies to facilitate the adoption of AI for an enhanced CX.
– Insights into how digital channels, self-service capabilities, and enterprise dynamics are shaping the need for AI-enabled intelligent automation.
– Discussion on a centralized contact center “AI hub/brain” and its role in orchestrating the contact center of the future.
– Review and analysis of how AI is enhancing top contact center systems, along with use cases, benefits, payback, and future projections.
– Vision, phases, and timeline for AI adoption in contact centers, with steps to get started while minimizing risk and cost.
– Strategic objectives, challenges, decisions, imperatives, and recommendations for contact centers embarking on their AI journey.
– Directory of vendors delivering AI innovation to the market.

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For more information on the “AI-Enabled Contact Center Guide,” visit our website. Get ahead in the AI revolution and transform your contact center with the latest insights and recommendations provided in this comprehensive report.

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