2024 Home Care 100 Conference: Discovering New Frontiers

Home Care 100’s June meeting in Dana Point, California brought together industry leaders to discuss essential topics such as growth, payer relationships, and new technology. The conference provided a valuable platform for CEOs, policy experts, private equity firms, payers, and product/service companies to collaborate on the future of home-based care.

The event featured 18 sessions over three days, showcasing diverse viewpoints and innovative ideas to drive the sector forward. Todd Houghton, President of Homewatch CareGivers, emphasized the need for industry innovation to stay relevant and connected to payer sources. Meanwhile, Scott Powers, CEO of Elara Caring, shared a bold vision of increasing clinician care time to 80% within two years, highlighting the commitment to industry-wide transformation.

Data utilization emerged as a critical theme, with operators emphasizing the importance of leveraging data to improve efficiency, enhance payer negotiations, and identify growth opportunities. Speakers like And Savitt, CEO of VNS Health, highlighted the necessity of data-sharing agreements with payers to demonstrate value effectively.

The conference also shed light on the middle market segment, where providers are finding success through virtual technologies and personalized care models. Leaders like Peter Ross, CEO & Co-Founder of Senior Helpers, stressed the importance of flexibility in service delivery to meet the evolving needs of clients.

Effective payer relationships were a focal point, with discussions on reimbursement models and strategies to unlock value-based payments. Paola Bianchi Delp, President & Chief Business Development Officer of CareNu, emphasized mindset changes and strategic partnerships as keys to navigating shifting payment landscapes.

Technological advancements, particularly in AI, were explored as potential game-changers for home care. Experts like Jeff Salter, Founder & CEO of Caring Senior Service, highlighted the need for operators to embrace new technologies and creative solutions to enhance the client experience.

Throughout the event, the importance of caregiver retention and empowerment was underscored. Scott Powers of Elara Caring emphasized that caregivers are the foundation of quality care delivery, emphasizing the need to invest in staff support and development.

In conclusion, Home Care 100’s annual gathering provided a comprehensive platform for industry leaders to collaborate, innovate, and shape the future of home-based care. The event highlighted key industry trends, challenges, and opportunities, setting the stage for continued growth and evolution in the sector. For more information on Home Care 100’s initiatives and upcoming events, visit homecare100.com.

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