2024 Lujiazui Forum set for June 19-20 in Shanghai

The 2024 Lujiazui Forum, set to take place in Shanghai from June 19 to 20, is a key event in the financial industry, bringing together government officials, financial regulators, market experts, and scholars. This year’s theme, “Promoting World Economic Growth with High-quality Financial Development,” will address pressing issues such as international monetary policy coordination, technology innovation in the capital market, green finance, and digital finance governance.

Notable participants will include representatives from the People’s Bank of China, the National Financial Regulatory Administration, the China Securities Regulatory Commission, and international organizations like the International Monetary Fund. Discussions will focus on advancing China’s financial opening-up, fostering technology innovation, and building a high-quality inclusive finance system.

Shanghai has made significant strides in financial opening-up, with initiatives like the Interest Rate Swap Connect and the Stock Connect program between Shanghai and Hong Kong exchanges. The city’s cross-border RMB settlement volume exceeded 20 trillion yuan in 2023, showcasing its importance in international finance. Additionally, Shanghai has attracted a multitude of financial institutions, including foreign-owned mutual fund companies and global asset management firms.

The city is also nurturing technology innovation by providing loans and subsidies to tech startups and allocating funds to the Shanghai Technology Innovation Finance Alliance. These efforts have led to a 36% increase in loans to technology companies and the launch of the world’s first futures shipping product.

The 2024 Lujiazui Forum serves as a platform for discussing key financial industry topics, promoting global economic growth, and showcasing Shanghai’s role as an international financial center. With a focus on innovation, opening-up, and financial development, the forum will contribute to China’s ongoing financial reform efforts and global financial governance.

For more information, visit english.shanghai.gov.cn.

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