2024 NHL Draft Grades: Assessing All 32 Teams

After the conclusion of the 2024 NHL Draft, all 32 teams have their new prospects ready to develop and potentially make an impact in the NHL. While it will take time to fully evaluate the success of each team’s draft class, initial letter grades have been issued. Let’s take a closer look at the grades and analysis for some of the teams based on their selections.

The Anaheim Ducks received an A grade for their draft class, making surprising picks like Beckett Sennecke at No. 3. With a strong prospect pool, the Ducks are looking towards a bright future. The Boston Bruins received a C+ grade due to a limited number of picks, but Dean Letourneau stands out as an intriguing prospect.

The Buffalo Sabres earned a B+ grade with the selection of impact prospect Konsta Helenius. The Calgary Flames received an A- grade for prioritizing skill in their draft selections. The Carolina Hurricanes landed a B+ grade, adding value with their trade-back strategy and finding good talent later in the draft.

The Chicago Blackhawks received an A grade for their aggressive approach, adding key pieces like Artyom Levshunov and Sacha Boisvert. The Colorado Avalanche got a C+ grade with a draft class that lacked top-end impact. The Columbus Blue Jackets earned an A- grade with promising picks like Lindstrom and Charlie Elick.

The Dallas Stars received a C+ grade with limited picks, but Emil Hemming stands out as a potential impact player. The Detroit Red Wings got a B- grade with a draft class that added talent in various positions. The Edmonton Oilers landed a C grade, emphasizing size in their selections.

The Florida Panthers earned a C+ grade with a moderate draft class, while the Los Angeles Kings received a B- grade, highlighted by Liam Greentree. The Minnesota Wild got an A grade with impactful picks including Zeev Buium. The Montreal Canadiens are at the top with an A+ grade for their stellar draft class, led by Ivan Demidov and Michael Hage.

Overall, each team has made strategic picks to bolster their prospect pool and set a foundation for the future. As these prospects develop and make their way through the ranks, the success of each team’s draft class will become clearer over time. Stay tuned for more updates and analysis on the NHL Draft class of 2024.

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