Acer Announces June Revenues at NT$28.19B

Acer Inc. reports strong revenue growth in June, with a 33.4% increase month-on-month and 7.1% growth year-on-year. The total consolidated revenues for the year-to-June reached NT$126.00 billion with a 13.8% growth year-on-year. The personal computers and displays business also saw significant growth, with a 16.9% increase in Q2 and 15.8% growth year-to-June.

Acer’s strategy to diversify its business has shown positive results, with revenues from businesses other than computers and displays contributing significantly to the overall revenue. Some of the highlights include Altos Computing Inc. with a 163.0% YoY growth in Q2, Acerpure Inc. with a 32.8% YoY growth in Q2, and Acer ITS Inc. with an 8.8% YoY growth in Q2.

Furthermore, Acer’s subsidiaries in the USA and Taiwan are making significant moves to solidify their presence in the market. With the acquisition of an office building in Santa Clara, California, Acer’s subsidiaries are now moving into newly purchased office space in Nangang, Taipei City, Taiwan, demonstrating Acer’s commitment to long-term business sustainability.

Acer, founded in 1976, is a global ICT company with a presence in over 160 countries. The company is dedicated to breaking barriers between people and technology by offering innovative products and solutions. With a focus on creating ecosystems that fuse hardware, software, and services, Acer aims to open up new possibilities for consumers and businesses. For more information, visit http://www.acer.com.

In conclusion, Acer Inc. continues to show strong performance with consecutive months of revenue growth. By expanding into new business areas and solidifying its presence in key markets, Acer is well-positioned for continued success in the future.

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