AISWEI Wows at SNEC & Intersolar with Innovative Energy Solutions

AISWEI, a leading global clean energy technology company, showcased its innovative solar technology solutions at two major international energy exhibitions in June: SNEC 2024 in Shanghai, China, and Intersolar Europe 2024 in Munich, Germany. The company introduced the industry’s first product “Artificial Intelligence (AI)+” at these events, integrating advanced generative AI technology into the energy management process of photovoltaic (PV) power plants.

According to Dr. Zhang Yong, President and CEO of AISWEI, innovation is key in the photovoltaic industry, and AISWEI’s continuous innovation places them ahead in the market. The company unveiled new products like three-phase inverters for ground-mounted power plants, hybrid inverters for residential and small commercial applications, and high-voltage batteries, all designed to meet the needs of international markets.

At SNEC, AISWEI received the prestigious “Terawatt Diamond Award” for its three-phase hybrid inverter designed for residential applications, showcasing the company’s technological advancement and performance excellence. Their products have achieved significant success globally, with the flagship ASW 80-110 kW LT series making its mark in various solar PV projects.

AISWEI’s commitment to driving positive changes in the global clean energy landscape has earned them praise and recognition at both exhibitions. With a focus on quality, reliability, and user-friendly products, AISWEI aims to provide a clean energy future for all. The company’s products are distributed in over 60 countries and regions, emphasizing their dedication to making solar energy accessible to everyone.

For more information about AISWEI and their products, visit http://www.aiswei-tech.com and http://www.solplanet.net. Join AISWEI on their mission to inspire and lead the way towards a sustainable energy future for all.

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