Thursday, July 11, 2024

AveriSource Launches AI-Powered Platform for App Modernization

AveriSource, a global leader in AI-powered software for application modernization, recently announced the completion of a major release of its innovative application analysis and modernization solution. The release of AveriSource Platform™ 2.0 marks an important milestone in the company’s strategy, aiming to redefine the modernization journey for mainframe and midrange systems. This follows a significant investment in its go-to-market and sales capabilities with the recent addition of key industry veterans to its team.

AveriSource Platform 2.0 offers a new user experience tailored to enterprises looking to modernize their applications on the mainframe or in the cloud. It features visually engaging and highly interactive dashboards, combined with in-depth reporting and analytics, to provide an intelligent and guided user experience throughout all phases of the application modernization journey.

The AveriSource Platform 2.0 release includes a range of powerful application modernization packages, such as AveriSource Scan, AveriSource Inventory, AveriSource Discover, AveriSource Analyze, and AveriSource Transform™. Notable highlights of the release include:

– New User Experience: The platform has been designed to deliver a modern look and feel, visual dashboards, workflows, and built-in guidance for end-to-end modernization planning and delivery, suitable for both business and technical users.

– AI-Powered Code Transformation with AveriSource Transform: Leveraging AI, users can accelerate application rewriting, reduce technical debt, and fast-track modernization on the mainframe or in the cloud. The technology transforms legacy code to modern, structured, and maintainable Java or C# code, improving the user experience and transforming legacy green screens to modern Angular projects.

The AveriSource Platform also offers guided help and on-demand resources to assist users in taking meaningful next steps in their modernization projects. In addition, new capabilities such as the integration of AveriSource Scan, enhanced reporting features, and two-factor authentication support have been introduced to help users streamline their modernization journey.

As organizations continue to seek innovative ways to navigate the complex modernization landscape, AveriSource Platform is well-positioned to offer new opportunities for driving modernization success. The industry recognizes that technology innovators like AveriSource are crucial in helping enterprises achieve their application modernization goals, particularly in modernizing mission-critical applications on the mainframe and in the cloud.

To find out more about the AveriSource Platform 2.0, visit our website and contact us for a demo. You can also start your modernization journey today with AveriSource Scan to receive a complimentary code analysis and risk assessment.

About AveriSource:
Founded during the Y2K planning, AveriSource is committed to eliminating the time, risk, and cost of application modernization through its comprehensive platform. Trusted by global Fortune 500 companies, the AveriSource Platform™ has analyzed over two billion lines of code and has enabled more than 250 successful modernization projects. The company is recognized as an AWS Migration and Modernization ISV Partner and is listed on the AWS Marketplace.

For more information on AveriSource, visit or subscribe to the newsletter. You can also follow the company on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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