Birthmom Buddies launches petition to support and raise awareness for birth moms

Birthmom Buddies has launched the Hope and Support Campaign and Petition to address the critical lack of support for birth mothers. Founder Megan Pater is dedicated to providing emotional, financial, and advocacy services to birth mothers who often face shame, stigma, and grief after choosing adoption for their child. The campaign aims to drive systemic change and redefine how birth mothers are treated post-adoption.

Research from The Journal of Family Issues and the American Psychological Association highlights the importance of mental health care for birth mothers to navigate grief and loss. Clinical social worker Marie Dolfi also discusses the impact of relinquishment trauma in her article, “Relinquishment Trauma: The Forgotten Trauma.”

The petition covers topics such as mental health services, post-birth medical care, social support services, and education and awareness. Birthmom Buddies also offers a supportive community where women can share their experiences, offer support, and learn from one another.

By endorsing the petition at http://www.change.org/birthmom_support, supporters can champion the rights and welfare of birth mothers nationwide. The goal is to ensure that all birth mothers have access to necessary mental health and financial support, regardless of their economic status. Donations can be made at https://birthmombuddies.net/donate to support the cause.

For more information about Birthmom Buddies and their commitment to empowering birth mothers, visit https://birthmombuddies.net. Additional resources from Visible Magazine, Association for Psychological Science, and personal narratives on NSUWorks provide insights into the developmental and neurobiological impacts of adoption on birth mothers. Wikipedia, Montclair State University Digital Commons, Adoption Birth Mothers, and various adoption agencies offer further information on the psychological effects of adoption and the emotional journey for birth mothers and adoptees.

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