Break free: Start a Cruise Planners franchise

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In a heartwarming tale of following one’s dream, Dave Rodrigues left behind the corporate grind to pursue his passion for travel by becoming a Cruise Planners franchise owner. After 22 years in the corporate world, Rodrigues found fulfillment in starting his own business and selling travel. With a starting investment of $10,995, he began his journey as a travel franchisee in 2012, initially working part-time. As his love for selling travel grew, he made the leap to full-time entrepreneurship and achieved great success as a member of the Millionaire’s Club, selling over $1 million in travel annually.

Rodrigues attributes his success to the outstanding support and technology provided by Cruise Planners. Despite having no previous industry experience, he was able to tap into resources for technology, marketing, and business development, thanks to his Cruise Planners coach. This support, combined with his entrepreneurial spirit, helped him achieve his dream of running a successful home-based travel franchise.

For those interested in becoming a franchise owner with Cruise Planners and pursuing a career in the travel industry, Rodrigues’ story serves as an inspiring example. With the right support and a passion for travel, anyone can follow their dreams of owning a successful travel business. Subscribe to the daily TravelPulse newsletter for the latest travel news, updates, and deals to stay informed and inspired on your journey to becoming a successful travel entrepreneur.

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