Bregal Milestone Reveals Allshares: a Pan-European Comp & Benefits Leader, Majority Investment to Acquire Evli Alexander

Bregal Milestone, a prominent European private equity firm specializing in software and technology growth, has just made a significant investment in Evli Alexander Incentives (EAI), the former equity plan design and administration division of Evli Group, a top Nordic wealth manager. This partnership marks a new chapter for EAI, which will now operate under the name Allshares with ambitious plans to dominate the compensation and incentive market.

The investment from Bregal Milestone will enable Allshares to accelerate its growth and expand its offerings to better serve clients in the rapidly evolving landscape of equity compensation. Notably, Evli will maintain a minority stake in the company, underscoring their continued commitment and support for Allshares’ success.

With a clear vision to become the industry leader in compensation and incentive solutions, Allshares is poised to bring fresh perspectives and innovative strategies to the market. By rebranding and refining its focus, the company is signaling its dedication to meeting the evolving needs of clients and staying ahead of industry trends.

This strategic move not only strengthens Allshares’ position in the market but also highlights the continued interest and investment in the technology and software sectors. Bregal Milestone’s backing underscores their confidence in the potential of Allshares to drive meaningful change and deliver innovative solutions to clients across the Nordic region and beyond.

As Allshares embarks on this exciting new chapter, clients can expect a renewed commitment to excellence, innovation, and personalized service. The company’s rebranding reflects a fresh start and a clear vision for the future, setting the stage for growth and success in the competitive landscape of compensation and incentives.

In conclusion, the investment from Bregal Milestone in Allshares represents a significant milestone for both companies and the industry as a whole. With a focus on growth, innovation, and client satisfaction, Allshares is well-positioned to lead the way in shaping the future of compensation and incentive solutions. By combining expertise, resources, and strategic vision, Allshares is poised to make a lasting impact and emerge as a key player in the market.

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