Monday, July 15, 2024

Bright Pattern Announces Grupês as New EMEA Contact Center Software Partner

Bright Pattern, the provider of the fastest to deploy and lowest total cost of ownership contact center technology, has announced a new partnership with a Portuguese contact center software solutions provider: Grupês. Based out of Lisbon, Portugal, Grupês is a leading industry provider of extensive and innovative solutions across the entire Portuguese market. Grupês has been influential in driving new market trends and goals in Portugal and is excited to partner with Bright Pattern as a reseller of its products and services.

The mission of Grupês is to enhance the overall customer experience across the customer journey. With its forward-thinking approach and adaptability, Grupês provides world-class quality tools and services that contribute to expanding business growth for all parties involved.

With the partnership with Bright Pattern, Grupês will now have access to industry-leading omnichannel contact center software solutions. Bright Pattern offers a range of personalized tools, such as Omni QM and Bright Pattern CX. For example, Bright Pattern Mobile allows customers to contact employees via mobile devices, giving them constant access to knowledgeable and qualified agents. This partnership aims to bring more value to the Portuguese market by providing innovative and comprehensive communications solutions.

“We are thrilled to partner with Grupês, a company that has consistently demonstrated its capability in the Portuguese market. We are looking forward to a collaborative and fruitful relationship that will benefit both our companies and our customers,” said Luc Cavelier, Head of Business Development EMEA at Bright Pattern.

Bright Pattern provides a simple yet powerful omnichannel contact center technology software. The platform is the most advanced omnichannel cloud platform across channels like voice, chat, email, AI, and more, and will transform any contact center system into an advanced omnichannel powerhouse. The platform also offers native omnichannel quality management and a mobile app, allowing employees to communicate with customers. Bright Pattern has been recognized as the highest-rated omnichannel contact center solution based on analysts and customer reviews, with over 500 customers in 26 countries.

Grupês provides innovative software solutions for contact centers and communications solutions for financial trading floors, with an emphasis on call recording and quality management systems. In addition to services like installation and maintenance of software, Grupês has developed its own unique product, uPlayback. This recording vendor-agnostic solution is tailored for managing and centralizing recordings in high-compliance environments, demonstrating Grupês’ commitment to delivering cutting-edge technology and exceptional service in the rapidly evolving world of contact center solutions.

As a result of this partnership, Bright Pattern aims to expand its presence in the Portuguese market through Grupês’ expertise and local market knowledge. The partnership will unlock new opportunities for both parties, allowing them to reach a wider audience and deliver value to more customers. We are excited to see how this partnership will shape the industry and make a difference in the contact center solutions market.

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