Sunday, July 14, 2024

CATL Unveils TENER Energy Storage at ees Europe 2024

CATL’s TENER Energy Storage System was recently unveiled at ees Europe 2024, showcasing breakthrough technology that achieves zero degradation in power and capacity over five years. The system utilizes advanced bionic SEI and self-assembling electrolyte technologies to ensure long-term stability and safety, addressing lithium metal reactivity and thermal runaway risks. With CATL’s L-series cells boasting an energy density of 430Wh/L, TENER offers a 6.25 MWh capacity in a 20-foot container, enhancing energy density per unit area by 30% and reducing overall station footprint by 20%.

Rolls-Royce and CATL have entered into a strategic cooperation to bring TENER to the European Union and the United Kingdom, strengthening the commitment to delivering cutting-edge, reliable, and efficient energy storage solutions. Leveraging a global network of over 700 service stations, CATL provides professional, efficient, and reliable overseas services, ensuring seamless supply chain management and continuous technical support for each partner.

CATL has established partnerships with industry leaders such as NextEra, Fluence, and Tesla, implementing over 1,000 energy storage projects in over 40 countries and regions with its advanced energy technologies. Committed to supporting Europe’s sustainable future, CATL has donated to various medical and educational initiatives and is actively involved in environmental stewardship projects like reforestation efforts.

In 2023, CATL was ranked first in the market share of global energy storage battery shipment for the third consecutive year, holding a 40% market share with 69 GWh of shipment. The company remains dedicated to expanding cooperation with more partners to promote energy transition and contribute to global efforts for carbon neutrality. CATL’s steadfast commitment to sustainability and innovation is set to lead Europe towards a future of harmonious progress intertwined with environmental and social prosperity.

To learn more about CATL and their innovative energy solutions, visit their website or follow them on social media for the latest updates. [Source: Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited (CATL)]

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