Thursday, July 11, 2024

China Mobile and YOFC Launch 800G Hollow-Core Fibre Network

June 6, 2024 saw a groundbreaking achievement in the telecommunications industry as Yangtze Optical Fibre and Cable Joint Stock Limited Company (YOFC) collaborated with China Mobile to unveil the world’s first 800G hollow-core fibre transmission test network in Shenzhen-Dongguan, Guangdong. This milestone marks a significant advancement in telecommunications infrastructure, pushing the boundaries of traditional fibre optic technology.

YOFC’s involvement in the test network included a range of solutions specifically tailored for hollow-core fibre optics, including cables, splicing services, and adapters for integration with single-mode fibres. The project successfully overcame technical challenges related to complex installations, such as managing environmental risks during fibre laying and splicing operations. These efforts were essential in evaluating the fibre’s performance under real-world conditions.

Key performance metrics achieved on a 20km test link were benchmarked against global standards, demonstrating the viability of hollow-core fibres for demanding network environments. The deployment featured an 800Gbps single-wavelength optical transmission setup, enabling bidirectional long-distance transmission tests with a throughput of 128Tb/s over hollow-core fibres. This showcases the practical application, scalability, and industrial potential of hollow-core fibre technologies.

The telecommunications sector is witnessing new heights of technological innovation, driven by advancements in artificial intelligence. Hollow-core fibre, with its innovative air-guiding mechanism, offers enhanced performance in terms of capacity and latency compared to traditional solid-core fibres. This technology presents significant improvements in data transport infrastructures, such as internet backbones and data centers, and is expected to meet the increasing demands for data transmission for years to come.

YOFC is committed to advancing the development and manufacturing of next-generation hollow-core fibre technologies in collaboration with industry partners. Their goal is to drive innovation, accelerate the commercialization of new fibres, and enhance optical network performance, laying a strong foundation for the fibre infrastructure needed in a smarter world.

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