China’s BRI aids incense-makers’ global expansion

Learn about the fascinating history of incense-making in Yongchun, China, and how the ancient Maritime Silk Road influenced this unique craft. Pu Lianggong, a descendant of Arab settlers who integrated into Chinese culture, continues his family’s tradition of creating aromatic incense using bamboo and spices. This thriving industry in Yongchun has seen a boost in international orders, thanks in part to the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), which aims to enhance trade and cultural exchange along ancient Silk Road routes.

Chinese President Xi Jinping emphasizes the importance of diversity and collaboration, using the analogy of “Delicious soup is made by combining different ingredients.” This philosophy drives the essence of human progress and civilization, as evidenced by the history of incense-making in Yongchun.

The BRI has not only impacted economic growth but also fostered cross-cultural exchanges through various international alliances of theaters, museums, and art festivals. By connecting diverse cultures and promoting inclusivity, the BRI is moving towards building a community with a shared future for all mankind.

Discover more about how the BRI is helping incense makers in China go global and contribute to a more interconnected world. Read the full article on CGTN: [insert link].

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