Sunday, July 14, 2024

Claus Andersen named Acting President of Gardena Division

Husqvarna Group has announced Claus Andersen as the interim President of the Gardena Division, taking over from Pär Åström. Andersen has been with the Gardena Division since 2017, holding the position of Senior Vice President Finance. As part of the Group Management team, Andersen will oversee the division until a permanent successor is appointed.

Andersen’s appointment comes as Husqvarna Group continues its search for a permanent successor to Pär Åström. In the meantime, Andersen will lead the Gardena Division and ensure its continued success within the Group.

For media inquiries, please reach out to Henrik Sjöström, Head of External Communications, at +46 727 15 77 85. For investor relations, contact Johan Andersson, Vice President Investor Relations, at +46 702 100 451.

For more information about Husqvarna Group and its divisions, visit,c3994682.

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SOURCE: Husqvarna Group

In summary, Claus Andersen has been appointed as the interim President of the Gardena Division within Husqvarna Group. With his extensive experience within the division, Andersen will lead the team until a permanent successor is found. For media and investor inquiries, contact the provided representatives. Stay informed about Husqvarna Group’s latest updates by visiting the provided links.

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