Cognizant Flowsource™ Unveils AI Dev Platform

Cognizant recently revealed its Flowsource™️ platform, a generative artificial intelligence-powered tool designed to assist in the next stage of enterprise software development. The platform integrates and supports all phases of the software delivery lifecycle through delivering digital assets and tools essential for cross-functional technical teams to create high-quality code at an accelerated pace while maintaining increased control and transparency.

Cognizant is aware of the rapidly changing market dynamics as virtually every enterprise has become a technology business. This era of progress includes evolving technologies, new competitors, and customer demands that demand a faster pace, and the complexity of technology stacks, underutilization of modern engineering processes, and presence of legacy debt and costs often prevent organizations from keeping up with the pace. This prompted Executive Vice President of Software and Platform Engineering Prasad Sankaran to note that Cognizant’s Flowsource™️ has positioned itself to bridge this gap and help organizations improve their development throughput, quality, and consistency which can result in quicker time to market for their innovative products and services.

The platform provides a single technical platform that unites the roles of all participants in the software delivery process and the developer community. Generative AI tooling and process orchestration are then woven into the developer experience, so team members can work at a faster pace and with greater focus, while all progress is both measurable and quantifiable. For instance, teams can use templates to provision code and frameworks, automate testing and documentation, access corporate knowledge bases to make use of reusable codes and components, and accelerate the coding process with the help of trained co-pilots.

Cognizant Flowsource was lauded by Mukesh Dialani, the IDC Research Vice President of Digital Engineering and Operational Technology Services, who testified that with Flowsource, professionals are able to focus on what’s important, rather than on repetitive, non-value-adding work. For anyone who values bridging the technical gap and getting rid of any impairments to focus on what’s essential to their business, Cognizant Flowsource offers an expedited solution. The platform goes beyond improving productivity to ensure high code quality through established, well-designed practices and multi-layered quality checks.

Business and development stakeholders who are using Cognizant Flowsource gain greater visibility into the software development system of an organization. This enables them to solve problems faster, understand impacts better, and execute strategies more smoothly. Moreover, the platform is also extensible, allowing businesses to incorporate third-party plugins to further expedite their workflows.

Aside from Cognizant Flowsource, Cognizant launched other platforms such as Cognizant Neuro® AI, Cognizant Neuro® IT Operations, and Cognizant Skygrade™ to aid enterprises in managing and modernizing complex IT environments towards a cloud-native architecture.

For more information about Cognizant, interested individuals or organizations may visit the official website at http://www.cognizant.com or contact a representative: Gabby Gugliocciello for the US, Christina Schneider for Europe/Asia-Pacific, and Rashmi Vasisht for India. They can be reached through the email addresses in the PRNewswire link provided.

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