Tuesday, July 16, 2024

DMEGC’s ESG rating upgraded to BBB by MSCI

A China-based company, DMEGC, received the latest ESG (environmental, social, and corporate governance) rating results from Morgan Stanley Capital International (MSCI) at the start of 2024. The international rating agency officially upgraded the company’s ESG rating from BB to BBB. This news solidifies DMEGC’s standing as one of the leading PV companies in China.

The MSCI ESG rating is an internationally recognized standard used by investors worldwide in their investment decisions. By receiving an improved rating, DMEGC has exhibited significant advancements across various ESG dimensions such as clean technology opportunities, labor management, and corporate governance.

DMEGC continues to place a strong emphasis on governance structure and is persistently committed to a green and low-carbon development path. Their efforts include increased investment in renewable energy and a consistent focus on refining the quality of development in the photovoltaic and lithium battery industries. In particular, DMEGC Solar has emerged as a key driver of the company’s growth. The division’s PV module shipments have consistently ranked among the industry’s top 10 in both 2022 and 2023.

The company has taken proactive measures to enhance its environmental protection system, implementing energy-saving and emission-reducing practices in its magnetic materials and renewable energy departments. Adhering to the core values ​​of “customer first, employee care, unity, pragmatism, tenacity, and innovation” has allowed DMEGC to pursue innovation-driven strategies while accelerating digital and smart factory transformations. These initiatives form a solid platform for employment and development, promoting high-quality community and industry expansion, and creating significant economic and social value.

The elevation of DMEGC’s ESG rating provides a strong indicator of the company’s high level of sustainable development and systematic ESG management. DMEGC Solar remains committed to fulfilling its corporate social responsibilities and aims to be a positive contributor to sustainable, green, and low-carbon social development.

The company marks this achievement as a milestone and it drives home their continued commitment to realizing its vision of promoting sustainable and responsible business practices. With this renewed focus, DMEGC is equipped with a firm foundation that it can build upon to make further strides in the global green energy sector.

In case you need further information, the accompanying photo is available at: https://mma.prnewswire.com/media/2330936/MSCI_ESG_Rating_history.jpg

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