Thursday, July 4, 2024

Dr. Susanna Søberg, PhD Named Lead Science & Education Advisor

SWTHZ, a leader in boutique wellness and contrast therapy, has appointed Dr. Susanna Søberg to its Medical Advisory Board. Dr. Søberg, a renowned expert in heat and cold therapy, brings a wealth of knowledge and research to enhance SWTHZ’s science-backed approach to wellness. With 25 luxury contrast therapy studios already in operation and plans to open 100 more locations in the next year, SWTHZ is at the forefront of the boutique wellness industry.

Dr. Søberg’s research on sauna and cold water immersion aligns perfectly with SWTHZ’s mission to promote deliberate exposure to heat and cold therapy for improved health and performance. As the Lead Medical Advisor of Science and Education, Dr. Søberg will collaborate with SWTHZ’s product development team to introduce new features and educational content to enhance the member experience.

Founder and CEO of SWTHZ, Jamie Weeks, emphasized the importance of educating communities on the benefits of heat and cold exposure for physical and mental health. Dr. Søberg’s scientific expertise and understanding of human physiology will play a key role in driving mass adoption of contrast therapy.

SWTHZ offers a unique wellness experience that integrates infrared sauna, cold plunge, and vitamin-C shower in a luxurious private suite environment. Prior to founding SWTHZ, Jamie Weeks was a successful franchisee in Orangetheory Fitness. Dr. Søberg, with a Ph.D. in metabolism, is the author of several influential scientific publications and the creator of the Thermalist® Education program, the world’s first science-backed education program in thermal therapy.

As the global leader in contrast therapy, SWTHZ is committed to promoting education and the adoption of sauna and cold plunge as essential components of a wellness journey. Dr. Søberg’s collaboration with SWTHZ will help further implement a science-backed approach to wellness and make a positive impact on public health globally.

To learn more about SWTHZ and Dr. Søberg’s impact on the company, visit their website at [] or follow them on social media @sweathouz. Join SWTHZ on their mission to accelerate the world’s adoption of heat and cold therapy for improved health and well-being.

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