EdTech Recognizes PWCPS for Excellence in Student Attendance

Prince William County Public Schools (PWCS) has seen impressive improvements in student attendance and graduation rates thanks to its partnership with SchoolStatus. The collaboration between the two entities was recently recognized with a silver-level Learning Impact Award from 1EdTech Consortium, highlighting the effectiveness of their innovative “Focused Student Support” dashboard.

The goal of PWCS is to achieve a 95% on-time graduation rate for all students by 2025, and the integration of SchoolStatus’ data analytics and communication tools has been instrumental in working towards this target. The dashboard provides educators with real-time insights into student performance in various areas, allowing for quick identification of students who may need additional support. As a result, PWCS has seen significant reductions in chronic absenteeism, with graduation rate outcomes for the 2023-24 school year set to be revealed in August.

AJ Phillips, Director of Information and Instructional Technology at PWCS, emphasized the impact of the customized dashboard, stating that it has greatly enhanced the district’s ability to support students effectively. The tool has streamlined the process of identifying and intervening with students in need, ultimately contributing to improved student outcomes.

SchoolStatus Founder and CEO, Russ Davis, expressed his pride in being a part of PWCS’ journey towards achieving their graduation rate goal, commending the district’s dedication to supporting every student according to their individual needs. The recognition received from 1EdTech Consortium further validates the success of the collaboration between SchoolStatus and PWCS in empowering student success through data-driven solutions.

1EdTech’s Learning Impact Awards highlight the most effective uses of innovative teaching and learning technology, showcasing projects that have a clear impact on enhancing learning outcomes. The award-winning projects are selected based on evaluations from educators, conference attendees, and the edtech community, recognizing initiatives that have made a significant difference in the educational landscape.

SchoolStatus offers a comprehensive suite of communication, attendance, and educator development solutions designed to foster school-to-family connectedness and support student success. By providing educators and administrators with full visibility into student information and attendance trends, SchoolStatus enables proactive intervention that improves student outcomes and enhances family engagement.

The success of SchoolStatus’ partnership with PWCS serves as a testament to the power of collaboration in driving positive changes in the education sector. The commitment of both entities to leveraging innovative solutions to support student success has resulted in tangible improvements in student attendance and graduation rates, setting a benchmark for effective educational practices.

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