Elite Food Group expands post acquisition of Murphy’s Deli

Elite Food Group, a leader in the hospitality and foodservice industry, has made significant progress in brand development and technological advancements since acquiring Murphy’s Deli less than two years ago. This initiative demonstrates the company’s dedication to enhancing dining experiences and providing modern amenities to property managers as more employees return to office settings.

To revitalize the brand, Elite Food Group has implemented a comprehensive brand refresh for Murphy’s Deli, including a new modern design aesthetic, remodels of existing locations, and the integration of convenience technology to improve service efficiency and customer satisfaction. This effort has not only rejuvenated the brand but also enhanced the overall customer experience.

In addition to Murphy’s Deli, Elite Food Group has applied similar strategies to modernize High Tower Cafe and High Tower Coffee, catering to the evolving needs of today’s consumers. By offering attractive, modern amenities to property managers, Elite Food Group aims to support their efforts to attract and retain tenants in office buildings and complexes.

Masad Baba, Co-Managing Partner at Elite Food Group, highlighted the company’s focus on innovation and flexibility in exceeding client and customer expectations. By incorporating technology and reimagining spaces, Elite Food Group has set a new standard in the industry for contemporary, convenient, and appealing food service solutions.

George Zanabeh, another Co-Managing Partner, emphasized the importance of providing top-notch dining experiences for people working and living in upscale office buildings and complexes. Elite Food Group is actively seeking franchisees who share their commitment to maintaining excellence as they look to expand both brands through franchising.

Overall, Elite Food Group’s commitment to innovation, exceptional service, and catering to the evolving needs of businesses and consumers sets them apart as a frontrunner in the industry. Their dedication to providing outstanding dining experiences and modern amenities positions them for continued success and growth in the hospitality and foodservice sector.

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