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Exness reaches 15 years of growth, elevates brand

Exness is pleased to announce its brand-new initiative aimed at reflecting and strengthening its position as the world’s leading retail products manufacturer. The newly revamped visual identity is a tribute to the invaluable values that have propelled Exness to the top of its game.

At the heart of this transformation is the new logo, characterized by the distinctive ‘exo’ emblem. This refinements reveals a more modern and elegant design that embotties Exness’ brand story – the merging of head and heart, mathematics and humanity – exemplifying the underlying principles that define their business approach.

The ‘exo’ is not only a visual representation of Exness’ spiritual and innovative roots but also serves as a powerful symbol of its legacy, bridging the company’s previous achievements with its ambitious future goals. The rebranding initiative also entails fresh brand color palette and modern typography.

Alfonso Cardalda, Chief Marketing Officer, remarked on the importance of the new brand, stating, “Our latest brand image is not just about aesthetics, but represents the incredible journey we’ve been on, retaining our core values as we continue to move forward. Just as businesses grow, so should their brand. We believe the time has come for our identity to evolve, showcasing how we’re different from our counterparts and what has gotten us to where we are.”

Launched in anticipation of its 15th anniversary celebrations, Exness’ rebranding efforts herald immense milestones such as monthly trading volumes reaching up to $4.8 billion, a dedicated team of over 2,000 professionals, 700,000 active customers and 64,000 partners. These milestones are indicative of Exness’ unwavering commitment to its status as an industry pacesetter.

As Cardalda observed, “We have transformed the trading market and are now seeking to enhance our performance as a brand. As we move into this new era, we will continue to revolutionize markets, set new records and dedicate ourselves to all our stakeholders -customers, partners, and employees alike.”

The rebranding will take place across all of Exness’ platforms and will be implemented seamlessly. The company is committed to maintaining the same high standards of service and support for all its customers and partners throughout the transition.

Exness, a global multi-asset broker, is known for integrating technology and ethical standards to create a user-friendly trading environment. This dedication has helped them attract a dedicated customer base of 700,000 traders and record monthly trading volumes of $4.8 trillion. Their plans for strategic global expansion are well underway.

For more information on Exness’ brand transformation and their commitment to their patrons, visit their official website.

Exness Media Kit
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