Ferguson plc UK Announcement: Form 8-K Filed

ucts to the construction and MRO markets. The Company serves customers in the residential, commercial and industrial sectors, offering a wide range of products such as plumbing, heating and cooling supplies, waterworks and fire protection equipment.

The Form 8-K filed by Ferguson plc on March 1, 2024, provides important information to shareholders and investors about recent developments within the Company. This filing is a requirement of the SEC and is used to disclose material events that may have an impact on the Company’s financial position or operations.

One of the key highlights of the Form 8-K is Ferguson plc’s continued commitment to providing exceptional customer service and innovative solutions to its clients. The Company is dedicated to meeting the needs of its customers and delivering high-quality products and services that support their projects and initiatives.

Additionally, the filing mentions Ferguson plc’s strong financial performance and strategic initiatives that have positioned the Company for long-term growth and success. Ferguson plc is focused on driving operational efficiency, expanding its product offerings and investing in technology to enhance its capabilities and reach in the market.

Furthermore, Ferguson plc’s commitment to sustainability and corporate responsibility is highlighted in the Form 8-K. The Company is actively engaging in initiatives to reduce its environmental impact, promote diversity and inclusion, and support the communities in which it operates.

Overall, the Form 8-K filed by Ferguson plc on March 1, 2024, provides valuable insight into the Company’s operations, performance and strategic direction. Shareholders and investors can access the full filing on the SEC’s website or on the Company’s investor relations page.

To stay informed about Ferguson plc’s latest news and updates, be sure to visit the Company’s website at corporate.ferguson.com and sign up for email alerts. Stay connected with Ferguson plc as they continue to lead in the construction and MRO markets with innovative solutions and exceptional customer service.

For media inquiries or further information, please contact Ferguson plc’s Investor Relations team at investor.relations@ferguson.com.

In conclusion, Ferguson plc remains committed to providing value-added solutions and products to its customers in the construction and MRO markets. The Form 8-K filing reflects the Company’s dedication to excellence, sustainability, and long-term growth. Stay informed and connected with Ferguson plc as they continue to innovate and lead in their industry.

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