FiberHome 10: MWC2024 Tech Specs

FiberHome, a leader in digital infrastructure, showcased its innovative products and solutions at MWC2024, focusing on driving customer business growth and realizing the potential of 5G technology. The company presented 10 technical highlights that aim to modernize industries and establish a strong foundation for connectivity.

Among the key highlights is the introduction of cutting-edge minimalist solutions such as multi-sector integration and lightweight all-in-one solutions that simplify network configurations and deployment, ultimately reducing costs for operators. Additionally, the newly upgraded xGTTH2.0 solutions offer flexible deployment scenarios and intelligent end-to-end FWA solutions for networks.

FiberHome also unveiled the Allumer Smart ONA metropolitan WDM pooling solution, which simplifies lines, reduces interconnection fibers, and optimizes total cost of ownership for metropolitan areas. The state-of-the-art short distance optical amplifier and the cutting-edge 50GPON OLT further demonstrate the company’s commitment to advancing network technology and enabling efficient and cost-effective network deployment.

Technological advances in fiber optics were highlighted as well, with the achievement of system transmission milestones using single-mode fibers. These advancements pave the way for future communications networks with increased capacity and efficiency.

Furthermore, FiberHome showcased its AI-driven network operations capabilities, which enable intelligent management of maintenance services, resulting in reduced operating costs and improved broadband quality. The company also presented smart emergency merge control solutions designed to enhance urban public safety by facilitating unified command and joint actions for emergency response services.

Overall, FiberHome’s participation in MWC2024 demonstrated its dedication to innovation and its commitment to providing solutions that improve connectivity, enhance network performance, and contribute to the creation of safer and more livable cities.

For more information and to view the visual representation of FiberHome’s offerings at MWC2024, please visit: [https://mma.prnewswire.com/media/2346711/FiberHome___MWC_Poster.jpg?p=publish]

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