FiberHome Innovations at MWC2024 in Barcelona

FiberHome showcased its latest innovations at MWC2024, focusing on the theme of “Connecting the Digital Bright Future.” The company highlighted its advancements in 5G networking, industry-specific applications, 6G development, optical access solutions, smart marine ecosystems, OFC innovation, digital technology services, and emergency command systems.

In the realm of 5G, FiberHome offers deployable solutions for various scenarios, simplifying network structures and reducing construction costs. The xGTTH2.0 solution enhances network flexibility and utilization, particularly in building FWA networks. FiberHome also displayed 5G applications tailored to industries such as mining, petrochemicals, and transportation, emphasizing high-capacity communications, deterministic networks, and sensor fusion for IoT and manufacturing applications.

As a key player in 6G development, FiberHome unveiled its 6G RHS prototype antenna array and 6GHz technology verification platform, contributing significantly to 6G research and standardization. The company also introduced innovations for the post-400G era, including optical network advancements and smart marine ecosystem solutions for efficient shipping network construction.

FiberHome’s offerings extend to all-optical access solutions for future network upgrades, leveraging technologies like FTTR, PON, and POL. The company’s MiniPON solution enables quick and cost-effective deployment of fiber optic broadband networks in rural areas. Additionally, FiberHome showcased OFC innovations such as 19-core single-mode fiber and 7-core fiber for large-scale projects, supporting industry development.

With a focus on digital enablement, FiberHome presented digital technology services for enhanced production management efficiency. The company’s full-stack solutions include production monitoring, quality control, and cost optimization applications, enhancing business operations.

In emergency scenarios, FiberHome’s DS Series integrated communications system provides real-time event location, video communications, and visual dispatching for public safety initiatives. The system is utilized in disaster relief, firefighting, and traffic accidents, bringing Chinese wisdom to overseas cities.

FiberHome continues to collaborate with industry partners to drive practical solutions for the digital future and support sustainable industry growth. Check out the latest innovations showcased by FiberHome at MWC2024 in the photo link provided.

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