Franchise Creator Reveals Candid Future of X Trilogy

In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, Ti West, the creator of the X franchise, revealed that MaXXXine marks the end of Maxine’s stardom journey. However, West hinted at a potential fourth movie that will depart from the established stories, providing a new twist for dedicated viewers. While MaXXXine concludes a bloody slasher trilogy focused on fame and stardom, West expressed the need for a break after committing almost four years to the trilogy. Despite this, he mentioned an idea that could potentially lead to a continuation of the X franchise in a unique and unexpected way.

Meanwhile, Mia Goth, who plays a significant role in the X trilogy, is currently exploring other horror projects. She is working on Guillermo del Toro’s Frankenstein adaptation and is expected to star in the MCU’s Blade reboot alongside Mahershala Ali. As West takes a break from the franchise, Goth’s busy schedule indicates that the duo’s collaboration may be put on hold for some time.

Although MaXXXine concludes Maxine’s story, leaving her free of the ghosts from her past, there may still be room within the world of X to explore. West’s statement suggests that there could be more surprises in store for viewers, similar to the unexpected departure seen in Pearl. As such, the possibility of a fourth movie in the X franchise remains open, albeit in a different direction than fans may anticipate.

With MaXXXine currently in theaters and X and Pearl available for streaming on Paramount+, fans can enjoy the thrilling saga of Maxine Minx as she navigates the dangerous world of Hollywood in the 1980s. Stay tuned for any updates on the future of the X franchise as West and Goth continue to explore new projects and opportunities in the horror genre.

Source: Entertainment Weekly.

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