Funding from US, Finnish & Canadian govts for oxygen plant in Kenya’s Tatu City SEZ

Hewatele, a leading medical solutions provider, has secured $20 million in funding from the US International Development Finance Corporation, Finnfund, Soros Economic Development Fund, UBS Optimus Foundation, and Grands Challenges Canada to establish a cutting-edge medical oxygen manufacturing plant in Tatu City, East Africa. The facility is set to begin operations by the end of the first quarter of 2025 and will be the first modern liquid oxygen manufacturing plant in the region in the last 60 years. This initiative aims to address the increasing demand for medical grade oxygen in healthcare facilities across Kenya, Uganda, and northern Tanzania.

The plant, spearheaded by Hewatele, backed by leading development finance institutions, and supported by global foundations, represents a significant milestone in enhancing healthcare services in East Africa. The investment will play a crucial role in making medical oxygen more affordable and accessible, particularly for maternal and child healthcare, and will contribute to strengthening primary healthcare support in the region.

According to the Kenyan Ministry of Health, the demand for medical oxygen has surged since the COVID-19 pandemic, highlighting the critical need for a reliable and cost-effective oxygen supply. The Hewatele facility is projected to increase medical oxygen production by at least 20 tonnes per day, reducing costs for healthcare providers by 30% and improving access to life-saving oxygen therapy for patients. This advancement is expected to have a far-reaching impact on reducing infant mortality rates from pneumonia and decreasing fetal distress during pregnancy.

Key figures in the healthcare and impact investment sectors have praised Hewatele’s initiative, emphasizing the vital role of oxygen supply in healthcare delivery. The investment in Hewatele is seen as a strategic commitment to enhancing the social security sector and driving long-term systemic change in healthcare in Africa.

Furthermore, the expansion of Hewatele’s operations in Tatu City is projected to create new job opportunities, both directly and indirectly, contributing to the local economy. Tatu City, as a burgeoning new urban center, is home to a diverse range of local, regional, and international businesses, with a focus on sustainable development and community well-being.

In conclusion, the establishment of the medical oxygen manufacturing plant in Tatu City represents a significant leap forward in healthcare infrastructure in East Africa. The initiative not only addresses the pressing need for medical oxygen but also sets a precedent for sustainable and innovative healthcare solutions that can positively impact communities across the region.

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