Sunday, July 14, 2024

Game-changing Bump Pitch Transformers for Advanced Packaging

Sarcina Technology, led by Founder and CEO Dr. Larry Zu, is at the forefront of revolutionizing the 2.5D IC packaging landscape with its innovative Bump Pitch Transformer (BPT) technology. Dr. Zu predicts that the new BPT designs, such as the Fan-Out Chip-on-Substrate with Silicon Bridge (FoCoS-B), will drive the adoption of advanced packaging for AI-driven computing capabilities.

The FoCoS-B technology democratizes the 2.5D era by replacing expensive silicon TSV interposers with more cost-effective re-distribution layers, making it ideal for high-performance computing applications in AI, data centers, microprocessors, and networking. This advancement eliminates the complexity and lead-time challenges associated with traditional substrate-based packaging, paving the way for more cost-effective applications of AI technology.

Sarcina Technology offers a range of services related to BPT technology, including interposer design, test pattern insertion, fabrication, wafer sort, package substrate design, system simulation, and fabrication. The company has a proven track record of successfully bringing 2.5D customer devices to production, showcasing the power and potential of their advanced packaging solutions.

Founded in 2011, Sarcina Technology provides a boutique collaborative experience for small-to-mid-sized IC companies, offering wafer-to-production services that reduce overheads and accelerate time-to-volume. With a focus on innovation and cost-effectiveness, Sarcina Technology is driving the future of 2.5D packaging technology.

For more information on Sarcina Technology and their groundbreaking Bump Pitch Transformer technology, visit their website at Join the revolution in advanced packaging and unlock the full potential of AI-driven computing with Sarcina Technology.

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