Gosling Angers Blunt With Ken Song

In a recent Saturday Night Live episode, Ryan Gosling couldn’t shake off his character Ken from Barbie, leading to a hilarious monologue with Emily Blunt. Despite his initial reluctance to talk about Ken, Gosling ended up singing a Taylor Swift song about the character. Blunt jokingly reprimanded him, urging him to move on. The duo then sang a duet about their characters Kitty and Ken, reminiscing about the past. The episode also featured a recurring “Close Encounter” sketch with Kate McKinnon and a surprise appearance by basketball star Caitlin Clark on “Weekend Update” to roast Michael Che. Gosling hosted the show with musical guest Chris Stapleton. Overall, the episode was filled with laughter and memorable moments for viewers to enjoy.

Gosling’s tribute to Ken from Barbie and his chemistry with Blunt brought a fresh and comedic feel to his SNL hosting. The “Close Encounter” sketch with McKinnon added to the fun, while Clark’s unexpected roast injected some humor and surprise into the show. With Gosling’s third-time hosting and Stapleton’s musical performance, Saturday Night Live delivered an entertaining and engaging episode for its audience.

From comedic monologues to hilarious sketches, this episode of SNL had it all. Gosling’s dedication to his Ken character, along with the playful banter with Blunt, provided plenty of laughs. The addition of the “Close Encounter” sketch and Clark’s roast added variety and excitement to the show. With Stapleton’s musical talent, the episode was truly well-rounded and enjoyable for viewers of all kinds.

In conclusion, Ryan Gosling’s SNL episode was a delightful mix of humor, music, and surprise guests. From his Ken tribute to the entertaining sketches and musical performance, the show offered a well-rounded and entertaining experience for fans. With memorable moments and comedic talent on display, this SNL episode is sure to leave a lasting impression on viewers. Don’t miss out on the laughs and entertainment that this episode has to offer!

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