GSCF launches Working-Capital-as-a-Service

GSCF has introduced the industry’s first Working Capital as a Service (WCaaS) solution, revolutionizing liquidity management by integrating technology and financing partners. This innovative offering combines the operational capabilities of Peridot Financing Solutions LLC and Global Supply Chain Finance Ltd. under the GSCF brand, creating a seamless and comprehensive working capital ecosystem.

With a focus on driving financial transformation, managing disparate systems, and integrating data and operating models, GSCF’s WCaaS solution offers a connected capital ecosystem that optimizes the entire working capital cycle. This holistic platform provides customers with expert managed services, access to alternative capital, and a trustworthy partner for working capital expertise.

By leveraging GSCF’s data-driven intelligence and comprehensive risk coverage, companies can transform working capital into a strategic advantage. According to BCG, businesses that optimize their working capital are more likely to achieve revenue growth goals and improve business metrics through lower liabilities, faster cash conversion cycles, and higher working capital ratios.

Doug Morgan, Managing Director of GSCF, highlights the shift towards a holistic approach to working capital management, emphasizing the value of integrated offerings in optimizing funding sources. Kevin Permentersenior, research director at IDC Enterprise Applications, underscores the importance of investing in working capital solutions that are deeply integrated into existing workflows to drive efficiency and sustainable growth.

GSCF’s Working Capital as a Service offering combines a connected capital technology platform with expert managed services and alternative capital solutions. With operations in over 75 countries, GSCF provides a global perspective on solving working capital efficiency challenges.

For more information on GSCF and its innovative WCaaS solution, visit http://www.gscf.com. Contact Natalie Silverman, Marketing Manager at GSCF, at (609) 577-5083 for inquiries. Visit the GSCF logo for visual representation of the brand.

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