Monday, July 8, 2024

High yeast levels in honey-containing cough syrups pose health risks: NPR

Robitussin Honey CF Max Day Adult and Robitussin Honey CF Max Nighttime Adult are being recalled due to potential contamination that could pose a serious risk to individuals with weakened immune systems. The contaminated cough syrups were distributed across a number of stores and pharmacies, prompting the maker of Robitussin cough syrup, Haleon, to recall eight lots of the affected products.

According to the company’s announcement on the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) website, the contaminated syrup may contain dangerously high levels of yeast that exceed the allowed measurements. The company stated that ingestion of the contaminated syrup could result in severe fungal infections, which would be potentially dangerous for individuals with weakened immune systems, such as organ transplant recipients or those with HIV. It is estimated that several million people in the U.S. have conditions that impair the immune system’s ability to fight off infections.

For most healthy individuals, any infections resulting from the products are unlikely to be serious, as indicated by the company’s U.K.-based headquarters.

The potential risks associated with using the contaminated cough syrups have prompted the company to recall the affected lots, which have expiration dates ranging from October 2025 to June 2026. Despite the recall, Haleon has not received any reports of injury or infection linked to the affected products. However, individuals who have used the recalled products are encouraged to contact a health provider if they experience any related problems and can also report the issue to the FDA’s online system.

It’s important to note that if you have used any of the recalled Robitussin products, and are experiencing any symptoms, you should contact a healthcare professional immediately.

The recall of these cough syrups adds to the ongoing list of products being recalled or investigated for potential contamination issues. Some of these recalls include applesauce pouches being investigated for potential lead contamination and granola products being recalled due to concerns of salmonella contamination.

We advise all individuals to stay informed about product recalls and to follow the necessary steps in case they have used or purchased any of the affected products. Remember, safety first!

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