Huawei launches Net Master network model globally

At the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Huawei made a groundbreaking announcement with the launch of Net Master, a cutting-edge network model aimed at increasing Managed Service Providers’ (MSPs) operation and maintenance (O&M) efficiency by 100 times. This innovative model, a first in the industry for markets outside of China, is set to revolutionize the way MSPs manage networks and drive intelligent transformation in enterprises.

Herit Wang, Vice President of NCE Data Communication Domain at Huawei Data Communication Product Line, emphasized the importance of providing exceptional network and application experiences to tenants for the successful development of MSP services. Net Master, trained using Huawei’s Pangu models and with an extensive arsenal of resources, including over 50 billion levels and the network experience of more than 10,000 experts, offers advanced semantic understanding capabilities. This allows it to support knowledge questions and interactive service analysis, enabling MSPs to make informed decisions and significantly improving their network operations management efficiency.

One such success story is that of AuteWiFi, an MSP partner in China, which saw remarkable improvements in its network operations after implementing Net Master. By leveraging the intelligent question and answer capabilities of Net Master, AuteWiFi increased the automatic closure rate for network issues from 30% to 80%. Additionally, the model’s proactive fault detection capabilities resulted in a significant reduction in the average troubleshooting time, from 2 hours to just 1 minute. This represented a 100-fold improvement in O&M efficiency while allowing AuteWiFi to scale their administration user base without increasing the number of employees.

Looking ahead, Net Master is poised to expand its capabilities further, enabling MSP partners like AuteWiFi to achieve rapid business growth and laying a solid foundation for intelligent business transformation. The model’s advanced features and proven success in increasing O&M efficiency make it a valuable asset for MSPs looking to streamline their network management processes and drive business growth.

For more information about the innovative Net Master model and its impact on MSP operations, visit Huawei’s official website. Take a look at the photo accompanying this press release to see how Net Master is revolutionizing network operations management for MSPs.

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