Huawei unveils new smart city solutions for urban transformation

In an exciting showcase of innovative solutions for smart cities, Huawei unveiled its next-generation City Intelligent Twins architecture at MWC 2024. This cutting-edge digital technical framework leverages IoT sensing, high-speed connectivity, cloud computing, big data, and artificial intelligence to create an integrated intelligent system for city management.

Zhou Hongquan, Huawei’s Chief Operating Officer of the Government Public Services Digitalization Division, emphasized the significance of City Intelligent Twins in optimizing city operations, enhancing residents’ quality of life, and supporting sustainable smart city development. Through collaboration with global partners, Huawei is spearheading the establishment of digital infrastructures to effectively manage cities and accelerate their intelligent transformation.

At the event, Huawei also showcased advanced solutions such as Smart City IOC, public administration services, and basic city models. The Smart City IOC serves as the operational management “core” by integrating city perception, collaborative leadership, and decision analysis functions. Public administration services are enhanced with an AI assistant for intelligent interactions, while basic city models aim to improve city operation, administration, management, and services.

The success of Huawei’s solutions is evident in the increased efficiency of city administration departments and incident resolution related to public opinion. By leveraging advanced information and communication technologies and intelligent twins architecture, Huawei aims to continue collaborating with global partners to drive the development of smart cities and enable cities to perceive, think, and evolve towards a smarter future.

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