Impact of Media Choice on Social Media Ad Success

A recent report series by Digital Turbine and Qrious Insight reveals a significant shift in consumer behavior, with 38% of consumers now spending more time on mobile games than on social media and YouTube. This presents a unique opportunity for brands to increase their reach by 18% by tapping into this growing segment that may be overlooked by traditional advertising strategies.

The report, based on consumer behavioral data collected from over twenty thousand consumers in 2023, highlights the importance of understanding where consumers are spending their time and tailoring advertising efforts accordingly. By analyzing the media channel consumption of different consumer segments, the report found that leading QSR brands are not effectively reaching the “Mobile Gaming-First” audience, which represents a significant portion of their customer base.

Even brands with large marketing resources were found to under-deliver when it came to reaching the “Mobile Gaming-First” segment. This presents a clear opportunity for brands to optimize their media mix and incorporate mobile gaming as a pivotal component of their advertising strategies.

Andrew Moffatt, CEO of Qrious Insight, emphasized the importance of using passively collected behavioral data to uncover true insights into consumer habits and preferences. Jon Hudson, VP of Global Sales at Digital Turbine, echoed this sentiment, stating that brands must evolve their advertising strategies to align with consumers’ actual mobile behaviors.

As consumer habits continue to evolve, it is crucial for brands to adapt and embrace new advertising channels to effectively reach their target audience. Digital Turbine and Qrious Insight are at the forefront of empowering brands to navigate the ever-changing digital landscape with precision and innovation.

For more information and access to the full report, visit the link provided.

About Digital Turbine:
Digital Turbine is a leading in-app mobile video advertising platform, partnering with the world’s top global brands to deliver smarter mobile audiences through DTX Exchange.

About Qrious Insight:
Qrious Insight specializes in passively collecting first-party consumer behavioral data to provide advertisers, marketers, and market researchers with valuable insights into consumer actions, preferences, and trends.

SOURCE: Digital Turbine, Inc.

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