Inert, Oxeo Fire Extinguishing System Design Tool joins Digital Suite

Viking Group, Inc., based in Caledonia, Michigan, is proud to announce the launch of vInert, a cutting-edge design and calculation software for the Oxeo Extinguishing System. This innovative fire suppression system utilizes inert gases to safeguard damage-sensitive applications, all while maintaining a minimal environmental impact and ensuring the protection of complex equipment.

Designers will find vInert to be an invaluable tool, offering a seamless solution for creating precise design calculations. By guiding users through critical selections such as system configurations and the specific Class of fire they wish to protect against, vInert simplifies the design process. With an intuitive wizard interface, users can input specifications and generate detailed 3D models of their systems. Once the design is finalized, vInert conducts essential calculations to validate efficacy and produces a comprehensive submittal list complete with a bill of materials.

Martin Workman, Viking’s Senior Vice President of Product Experience, highlights the customization capabilities of vInert, allowing users to tailor their Oxeo Extinguishing System to meet their specific requirements. This digital tool not only streamlines the system design process but also ensures precise product selection for accurate system construction.

vInert is part of Viking’s “Design to Delivery” suite of digital tools, which includes vCalc for hydraulic calculations and vDesign for seamless integration of Viking’s product line. These tools are designed to simplify the design and ordering process for fire protection systems, making it easier for users to access the tools they need for efficient design and construction.

To learn more about vInert and its capabilities, visit the official Viking website at info.vikinggroupinc.com/vinert or reach out to your Viking representative directly for more information.

Viking Group, Inc. is a global leader in manufacturing and distributing innovative fire protection and life safety systems. With over 100 years of experience, Viking’s products and services have protected lives and property worldwide from the destructive effects of fire. For a complete overview of Viking’s fire protection products and services, visit their website at vikinggroupinc.com.

For more information, please refer to the image link provided: [Viking Group, Inc. Logo].

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