Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Introducing Cognizant Flowsource™: AI-Powered Engineering Platform

Cognizant announces the launch of a new platform, Cognizant Flowsource™️, which employs gen AI to transform the software engineering landscape. Geared towards facilitating enterprises, this platform seamlessly integrates all stages of the software development lifecycle and ensures the rapid delivery of high-quality code.

In line with today’s evolving market dynamics, businesses now face burgeoning challenges that stem from new technologies, increased competition, and changing consumer demands. These factors make it difficult for organizations to keep pace, especially due to the complexities of their tech infrastructure, fractured use of modern engineering processes, and legacy debt and costs.

Cognizant’s EVP of Software and Platform Engineering, Prasad Sankaran admitted, “In the gen AI era, organizations must find ways to innovate and work faster sustainably. This is where Cognizant Flowsource comes in, helping companies boost throughput, enhance quality, and ensure consistency in their development processes. The platform subsequently enables companies to bring new products and services to market more quickly, providing a competitive edge in the market.”

Cognizant Flowsource acts as a unified engineering platform that ensures all software delivery stakeholders are connected in their endeavors. With integrated gen AI-enabled tools and process orchestration, engineering teams can expect to work more efficiently and strategically. Some of the features of Cognizant Flowsource include self-service options, automation of testing and documentation processes, and access to enterprise knowledge bases.

Speaking on this development, Mukesh Dialani, IDC Research Vice President for Digital Engineering and Operational Technology Services, emphasized, “Cognizant Flowsource goes beyond just increasing productivity. Not only does it help companies achieve greater efficiency in coding processes, but it also ensures high-quality code output backed by well-architected practices. This means organizations spend less time on menial, non-value add work, ultimately focusing on what’s essential for their business.”

Cognizant Flowsource offers business and engineering stakeholders full transparency into their software engineering ecosystem. It enables faster resolution of issues, better impact analysis, and seamless strategy delivery. The platform also supports third-party plugins, facilitating enterprises to further enhance their work processes.

Cognizant Flowsource joins several other platform offerings recently introduced by Cognizant, such as Cognizant Neuro® AI, Cognizant Neuro® IT Operations, and Cognizant Skygrade™. All these platforms are designed to help organizations manage their complex IT infrastructure and modernize towards a cloud-native architecture.

For more information on Cognizant Flowsource, visit here.

Cognizant is committed to upholding the highest ethical and responsible AI standards, which focus on safety, security, privacy, transparency, and inclusion. To learn more about Cognizant’s approach to generative AI, visit here.

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Cognizant is dedicated to engineering modern businesses. The company helps clients modernize technology, rethink processes, and transform experiences to keep up with the fast-changing world. For more information, visit http://www.cognizant.com or @cognizant.

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