Investors pull back, causing plunge in Asia Pacific private equity deal activity

In the ever-evolving landscape of Asia Pacific private equity (PE) markets, Japan has emerged as the No.1 deal market for the first time, defying the overall slowdown in the region. According to Bain & Company’s Asia Pacific Private Equity Report 2024, Japan saw a 183% increase in deal value over the prior five-year average, driven by a surge in mega deals.

Despite challenging macroeconomic conditions and uncertainty affecting markets like Australia-New Zealand, China, and India, Japan stood out due to its deep pool of target companies, stable regulatory environment, and low interest rates. This led to Japan capturing 30% of the total deal value in the region, up from just 7% in previous years.

Innovation and adaptation are key strategies for funds in Asia Pacific to navigate the challenging market conditions. With buyouts overtaking growth deals and the technology sector recording a decrease in total deal value, PE funds are exploring alternative asset classes like energy and natural resources, as well as advanced manufacturing and services.

While exits saw a decline and fund-raising levels dropped, PE returns remained strong, outperforming public markets over various time horizons. To address the tough exit environment, GPs are focusing on portfolio management and exit planning, with successful funds adopting pre-sales strategies to attract buyers and achieve target returns.

In response to the turbulent market conditions, leading funds are venturing into alternative asset classes like infrastructure and private credit to drive growth. Diversification is crucial for success, and those who can leverage these alternative asset classes effectively can build the needed capabilities and invest close to their core business.

Despite the challenges, successful funds are not waiting for markets to improve but are actively working on strategies to sell assets and return cash to limited partners. By highlighting the potential value of deals to buyers through strategy reviews, funds can reduce aging asset inventory and maximize returns in the midst of a depressed exit market.

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For more information on the Asia Pacific Private Equity Report 2024 or to request an interview, reach out to Ann Lee at Bain & Company. As the region’s private equity landscape continues to evolve, staying ahead of the curve with innovative strategies will be essential for success in the dynamic market environment.

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