Jason Blum Talks Future of ‘Exorcist’ Franchise

Blumhouse and Universal had high hopes for the revival of The Exorcist franchise with the release of The Exorcist: Believer in 2023. Unfortunately, the film did not meet expectations both critically and financially, leading to changes in the original trilogy plans.
Director David Gordon Green, who was set to helm the entire trilogy, will no longer be directing the next installment, titled The Exorcist: Deceiver. Producer Jason Blum has indicated that the original plan for the trilogy is being reworked, with no clear direction yet on what the next movie will entail.
Despite the setback, Blumhouse and Universal are committed to making another Exorcist movie. The $400 million invested in the franchise leaves little choice but to move forward with two more films. However, it appears that the next movie may take a different approach, potentially hitting the reboot button once again.
The first film, Believer, followed the story of Victor Fielding, played by Leslie Odom Jr., as he searches for answers after his daughter goes missing in the woods. The introduction of Linda Blair’s iconic character, Regan MacNeil, in the final moments of the film hinted at a possible return in future installments.
With uncertainty surrounding the future of The Exorcist franchise, fans will have to wait for more updates as Blumhouse and Universal work to redefine the direction of the series. Stay tuned for more information on the upcoming Exorcist movies and the potential return of beloved characters.
As plans evolve and the next chapter in The Exorcist saga takes shape, audiences can expect a fresh take on the iconic horror franchise that pays homage to the original while charting a new course for the possessed world. Keep an eye out for news and announcements regarding the future of The Exorcist series.

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