JCET Q1 2024 Revenue and Net Profit Up by Double Digits

In the latest financial report of JCET Group, the consolidated balance sheet as of March 31, 2024, shows a total asset value of RMB 44,110 million, reflecting an increase compared to the previous period. Current assets amounted to RMB 19,174 million, with significant holdings in currency funds, accounts receivable, and inventories. Non-current assets totaled RMB 24,936 million, with notable investments in fixed assets and goodwill.

On the liabilities side, total liabilities stood at RMB 17,041 million, with a breakdown of current and non-current liabilities. The equity section showed a total value of RMB 27,069 million, attributed mainly to paid-in capital, capital reserves, and unappropriated profit.

The consolidated income statement for the first quarter of 2024 revealed revenue of RMB 6,842 million, indicating a growth trend. Operating profit reached RMB 171 million, with net profit showing a significant increase compared to the same period last year, totaling RMB 134 million. Earnings per share also demonstrated positive growth.

The cash flow statement highlighted the strong cash position of JCET Group, with net cash flows from operating activities amounting to RMB 1,373 million. Cash flows from investing and financing activities also displayed robust performance, contributing to a net increase in cash and cash equivalents to RMB 9,977 million at the end of the reporting period.

Overall, JCET Group’s financial results for the first quarter of 2024 depicted a positive outlook in terms of asset growth, revenue generation, profitability, and cash flow management. The company remains well-positioned to navigate challenges and capitalize on opportunities in the market.

For more information on JCET Group’s financial performance, visit their official website and stay updated on the latest news and updates from the company.

Image source: https://mma.prnewswire.com/media/1711480/JCET_Logo_Logo.jpg?p=publish

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