John Clay Wolfe & Richard Rawlings Sell Humvee for $825K

John Clay Wolfe, the president and founder of GIVE ME THE VIN™ and a well-known national radio host, recently partnered with Richard Rawlings, the owner and founder of Gas Monkey Garage, to sell a 6×6 Hellcat customized Humvee at the Barrett-Jackson auction. The unique vehicle shattered records by selling for a whopping $825,000, making it the highest-priced sale in the full-size SUV category. Not only did the Humvee achieve a groundbreaking price, but it also gained massive attention on Instagram, with a single reel generating an impressive 154 million views.

Wolfe has created an exclusive behind-the-scenes video showcasing the thrilling journey of this extraordinary car deal. The video reveals the behind-the-scenes action of the deal, involving large sums of cash being hand-delivered, initial rejection by Barrett-Jackson, and the eventual success at the auction, accompanied by plenty of beer, car math, and an unexpected twist in the buyer’s identity. The video debuts today on YouTube at the conclusion of The John Clay Wolfe Show.

In a statement, Wolfe expressed his excitement about the deal, describing it as one of the most adrenaline-inducing, risky, and rewarding transactions he has ever been a part of. Rawlings also shared his enthusiasm, stating that while he anticipated the Humvee’s popularity, the level of success exceeded all expectations. The duo hints at future collaborations, promising more thrilling deals in the near future.

As the nation’s largest vehicle wholesaler, GIVE ME THE VIN™ boasts nearly $2 billion in annual revenues and holds an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. Founded in 1996 by John Clay Wolfe, the company revolutionized the online vehicle buying market by creating a commodity-driven model as a wholesaler, facilitating buying and selling cars through auctions. Today, GIVE ME THE VIN™ operates with 200 employees across 34 offices nationwide, setting the industry standard in the auto trade sector. Wolfe’s commitment to providing unparalleled convenience, fair payouts, and trustworthiness to vehicle sellers has earned him respect among industry insiders and buyers at auction alike.

For an exclusive look at the behind-the-scenes action of the $825,000 6×6 Hellcat customized Humvee deal, be sure to check out John Clay Wolfe’s video on the John Clay Wolfe Show’s YouTube channel. Stay tuned for more exciting collaborations between Wolfe and Rawlings in the near future.

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