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McLean & Company is a global HR research and advisory firm that has recently released insightful research on diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). According to this new research, McLean & Company recommends that organizations should utilize intentional employee sponsorship to achieve DEI success, while also improving leadership retention and engagement. This group’s research indicates that a formal sponsorship program is crucial to empowering and uplifting high-potential employees who are typically overlooked.

Notably, the firm highlights that while informal sponsorship is important for career development and maintaining networks, it may continue to reinforce the status quo unless a more formal approach is taken to address organizational-level barriers. The company states that formal sponsorship goes the extra mile in resolving existing barriers and does a much more effective job of improving leadership diversity, retention, and engagement.

McLean & Company’s research asserts that formal sponsorship programs are tailor-made to fit specific organizational goals. They are designed to address representation gaps in leadership, target career advancement barriers contributing to those gaps, and provide improved career pathing clarity and support for employees to achieve authentic success. Moreover, the program’s structure includes selecting and matching candidates for sponsorship relationships in a more intentional manner. The research supports additional layers to further support the development of a sponsor-driven action plan, risk mitigation, and the creation of a communication plan.

Understanding that sponsorship cannot be a one-size-fits-all solution, with different employee segments facing unique barriers to advancement, McLean & Company further emphasizes the need for an intersectional approach. This ensures that the program reflects the unique needs of each employee segment to maximize the benefits of participation while being inclusive, rather than performative and ineffective.

To further support HR leaders, McLean & Company has created a three-step process for evaluating, designing, and implementing a formal sponsorship program. By making use of this process, HR leaders will be better-equipped to bridge leadership DEI representation gaps within their respective organizations. For a more in-depth understanding and actionable insights, a full blueprint can be accessed by visiting their website.

McLean & Company also has a scheduled webinar that interested parties can register for to learn more about the implementation and monitoring of the Reach an Employee Sponsorship Program.

Not only is there a commitment to DEI, but McLean & Company is dedicated to supporting media professionals through unlimited access to industry insights and research through their Media Insiders program. This includes unrestricted access to research across various areas, such as IT, HR, and software, while providing direct contact with industry analysts.

With the aim of helping organizations meet current and future needs, McLean & Company offers comprehensive resources and full-service assessments, action plans, and training. Being a division of Info-Tech Research Group, the company sets itself apart by providing organizations with data-driven insights and proven best practices. For more information, please visit the McLean & Company website.

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