LG Display to Produce Gaming OLED Panel With Variable Refresh Rate & Resolution

LG Display has made a significant leap in the high-end gaming display market with the development of the first-ever Gaming OLED panel with a switchable refresh rate and resolution. This groundbreaking panel, now in mass production, offers users the flexibility to choose between a high refresh rate for fast-paced games and a high-resolution mode for immersive movie-watching experiences.

By introducing the Dynamic Frequency & Resolution (DFR) technology, LG Display allows users to prioritize either refresh rate or resolution by adjusting image processing speed. This innovation sets LG Display apart from competitors, offering a versatile display solution that adapts to different content requirements.

In addition to DFR, LG Display’s Gaming OLED panel incorporates META Technology 2.0 and Thin Actuator Sound technology for enhanced image quality and audio experience. These technologies, alongside the self-emissive nature of OLED panels, ensure perfect blacks, lifelike image quality, and vivid sound without the need for separate speakers.

LG Display’s focus on customer value and technological superiority shines through its new Gaming OLED panels, which boast ultra-high refresh rates, fast response times, and reduced blue light emission for less eye fatigue during extended gaming sessions. With a full lineup spanning multiple sizes, LG Display is set to supply global gaming gear brands, starting with LG Electronics.

The Gaming OLED panel is a testament to LG Display’s commitment to innovation and leadership in the display industry. The company’s expertise in OLED technology and display manufacturing has positioned it as a top innovator, catering to a wide range of applications from TVs to mobile devices.

For more information about LG Display and its cutting-edge display technologies, visit http://www.lgdisplay.com. Stay tuned for more news and developments from the world’s leading display innovator.

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