Mayor Adams addresses continuous protests at Columbia Uni

In response to ongoing protests at Columbia University, New York City Mayor Eric Adams strongly condemns the antisemitism being displayed on and around the campus. He denounces hate speech and supports the NYPD in investigating any violations of law. While acknowledging Columbia University’s status as a private institution, Mayor Adams urges senior administration officials to maintain open communication with the NYPD to ensure the safety of students and staff.

The protests at Columbia University have sparked outrage due to instances of antisemitism, with individuals displaying signs and making statements supporting terrorist organizations targeting Jews. Mayor Adams emphasizes that hate has no place in the city and that the NYPD will take action against any unlawful behavior. While acknowledging the grief and anger surrounding the conflict in the Middle East, Mayor Adams stresses that this does not justify harassment, threats, or physical harm towards others.

As the mayor of a city with a large Jewish community, Mayor Adams understands the pain caused by these protests, especially as Passover approaches. He also recognizes the suffering of those protesting against the loss of innocent lives in Gaza. In a time of heightened global tension, Mayor Adams reaffirms his commitment to standing against hate and division.

It is important for Columbia University to maintain a safe and inclusive environment for all students and staff. By working closely with the NYPD and ensuring clear communication, the university can better protect its community members. Mayor Adams urges unity and respect, emphasizing that differences in opinion should not lead to violence or intimidation.

In conclusion, Mayor Adams’s statement highlights the importance of addressing antisemitism and hate speech while fostering a peaceful and respectful dialogue. By standing united against hate, New Yorkers can navigate difficult conversations and conflicts with compassion and understanding.

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