Wednesday, July 17, 2024

MGI Tech and SeqOne Collaborate for Genomic Analysis

MGI and SeqOne Join Forces to Develop Innovative Genomic Analysis Solutions

MGI, a leading provider of life science tools and technologies, has announced a new collaboration with SeqOne, a provider of AI-driven genomic decision support software. The partnership aims to develop and validate end-to-end genomic analysis solutions tailored to the needs of Human Genetics and Pathology labs worldwide.

The collaboration between MGI and SeqOne includes three key initiatives. Firstly, the companies are working on validating an automated and cost-effective solution for HRD signature using MGI DNBSEQ-G99 technology. This solution will enable Pathology labs to conduct high-quality and efficient HRD testing, including Genomic Instability score and BRCA testing.

Additionally, SeqOne is working to validate its tertiary analysis solution with MGI Megabolt hardware, ensuring seamless integration for Germline Panels, Whole Exome, and Whole Genome analysis. This partnership aims to provide a versatile and time-saving solution for high-throughput Human Genetics labs.

Finally, the collaboration will validate SeqOne’s CE-IVD Platform for Germline and Somatic analysis for use with MGI sequencers in routine diagnostics. The goal is to evaluate the compatibility of SeqOne’s Platform with MGI sequencing data, ensuring high-quality variant calling performance.

Dr. Yong Hou, General Manager of MGI Europe and Africa, expressed excitement about the collaboration, stating that the partnership will deliver real insights and solutions for personalized healthcare. Martin Dubuc, CEO of SeqOne, also emphasized the importance of the partnership in advancing genomic analysis and healthcare outcomes globally.

MGI is known for its cutting-edge sequencing technology and commitment to advancing genomic research. With a focus on precision medicine, MGI serves customers across six continents and continues to shape the future of life sciences.

SeqOne, on the other hand, is dedicated to making personalized healthcare a reality for every patient. Through advanced genomic insights and AI-powered technologies, SeqOne aims to empower laboratories worldwide to deliver precision diagnostics at scale.

To learn more about MGI and SeqOne, visit their respective websites and LinkedIn pages. Join us in celebrating this exciting collaboration that is set to revolutionize genomic analysis in the field of life sciences.

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