Narnia Star William Moseley Reunites with Co-Stars

William Moseley, known for his role in the original Chronicles of Narnia franchise, opened up about his deep bond with his co-stars from the films. Despite nearly 20 years passing since the franchise, Moseley still maintains a close relationship with his fellow actors and expressed interest in reuniting for a return to Narnia, though he acknowledges it may not happen.

In his new film Murder Company, Moseley stars alongside Kelsey Grammer in a World War II thriller based on a true and untold story from the era. Both actors have family connections to the war, adding a personal touch to their performances. The film follows a group of Allied operatives on a covert mission behind enemy lines, facing unexpected obstacles and internal conflicts along the way.

Moseley shared his thoughts on the historical significance of the film, highlighting the importance of contextualizing World War II for modern audiences. He emphasized the fun and intrigue of the true story, which had remained undisclosed until now. With personal connections to the war through his grandfathers, Moseley brought a sense of authenticity to his role in Murder Company.

Kelsey Grammer, who also has a personal connection to World War II through his grandfather, echoed the sentiments of Moseley regarding the story’s significance. Murder Company brings this untold story to life on screen, offering audiences a glimpse into a lesser-known aspect of the war. The film is now available in select theaters, on demand, and on various digital platforms, providing viewers with the opportunity to experience this captivating narrative.

For fans of Moseley and Grammer, Murder Company presents a unique opportunity to see these talented actors in a different light, tackling a challenging and poignant historical narrative. The film’s release offers a chance to appreciate the actors’ dedication to their craft and their commitment to honoring the legacy of those who served in World War II. Dive into the thrilling world of Murder Company and witness a story that has remained hidden for decades.

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