NASA Gives Artemis Generation ‘Moon Trees’ New Homes

NASA has announced the selection of organizations from around the country to receive ‘Moon Tree’ seedlings that traveled around the Moon on the Artemis I mission. Institutions were chosen based on their ability to care for the tree species and maximize educational opportunities in their communities. NASA Administrator Bill Nelson highlighted the significance of this project by stating, “A new era of Moon trees will one day stand tall in communities across America.”

To commemorate the Artemis I Moon Trees, NASA astronaut Christina Koch participated in a tree dedication ceremony in North Carolina. These seedlings have been germinating under the care of the USDA Forest Service and will soon find their new homes in almost 50 institutions across the U.S. The Moon Tree recipients will be able to engage with the public and K-12 learners through virtual gatherings and educational resources.

The diverse array of tree species flown around the Moon include sycamores, sweetgums, Douglas firs, loblolly pines, and giant sequoias, showcasing the rich history of exploration and discovery. Forest Service Chief Randy Moore expressed excitement for these future Moon Trees to inspire generations to come.

As part of NASA’s efforts to spark student interest in STEM fields, the Next Gen STEM project within the Office of STEM Engagement is providing unique resources and experiences for students. Educators can access educational resources and activities to share the story and science of Moon Trees with their students online.

For more information on NASA STEM events, activities, and news, visit the official website. Stay tuned for updates on the distribution of the Moon Tree seedlings and the educational initiatives surrounding this historic project.

(Source: NASA)

Image: [Link to the image of the Artemis I Moon Tree Dedication ceremony in North Carolina]

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