NCIS Franchise Leaves Door Open for Mark Harmon’s Return

CBS president Amy Reisenbach has hinted at the return of Mark Harmon as Agent Gibbs on NCIS due to his popularity and lasting legacy within the franchise. Harmon’s continued involvement in narrating NCIS: Origins and producing the show showcases his dedication to its success. While Harmon left the series to explore new challenges, the door remains open for his potential return. As the face of NCIS for 18 years, Harmon’s return would likely lead to high ratings and keep fans engaged.

Reisenbach mentioned that Harmon’s return to play Gibbs on the prequel NCIS: Origins is a possibility that CBS would welcome. Harmon’s role as an executive producer on the show, along with his narration, demonstrates his ongoing interest in the franchise. The show explores Gibbs’ early years at NCIS Camp Pendleton while dealing with personal tragedies, providing an intriguing backstory for fans to enjoy.

Despite leaving NCIS after season 19, Harmon’s name remained in the opening credits for 11 months, highlighting the impact he had on the show and its viewers. His departure left fans eager for his potential return, as he embodied the character of Gibbs with dedication and professionalism.

In his own words, Harmon explained that he left NCIS to maintain the freshness and challenge of his role as Gibbs. He emphasized the importance of engaging storylines to keep the character interesting and aligned with his beliefs. Although he did not express a strong desire to reprise the role immediately after his exit, Harmon’s openness to returning under the right circumstances reflects his commitment to quality storytelling.

The creative team behind NCIS has always valued Harmon’s contributions and expressed interest in collaborating with him again if the storyline warrants his return. Executive producer Steven D. Binder expressed the sentiment that Harmon’s comeback would need to be driven by a compelling narrative that excites both the actor and the audience.

Overall, Mark Harmon’s potential return to NCIS as Agent Gibbs represents a thrilling possibility for fans and the franchise alike. His legacy as an integral part of the show’s success and his continued investment in its spin-offs showcase the enduring appeal of his character. As the door remains open for his return, viewers can anticipate the potential reunion with excitement and anticipation.

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