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Opinion: Missouri Jobs Protection – The Missouri Times

In a recent victory for Missouri’s franchising community, Senator Eric Schmitt played a pivotal role in repealing the Biden Administration’s National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) joint employer rule. This move was met with gratitude from the state’s 15,000 franchise businesses and the nearly 165,000 jobs they support. Under the previous Trump standard, local franchise businesses had control over their own employees without interference from the corporation whose brand they licensed. However, the Biden rule expanded the definition of joint employer, creating potential harm for small businesses and their employees.

The ramifications of expanded joint employers are significant, particularly for the franchise community. By holding big corporations responsible for the employees of local businesses, workers face new reporting structures and small business owners lose autonomy. Senator Joe Manchin echoed this sentiment, calling small businesses the “heart and soul of our communities.”

Despite Senator Schmitt’s support for the repeal, his colleague, Senator Josh Hawley, chose to support the Biden joint employer policy, leaving the franchise community puzzled. While the repeal passed the Senate, there is still uncertainty surrounding potential vetoes and legal challenges ahead.

Ultimately, the small business community craves certainty and stability from the government to plan their affairs accordingly. Expanded joint employer policies have historically led to job losses and financial strain on franchises. Senator Schmitt and other members of Missouri’s congressional delegation who supported the repeal are applauded for their efforts in providing relief to the franchise community.

Keyser Enterprises, founded by Senator Schmitt and his brother, operates multiple franchises throughout the Midwest. The successful repeal of the joint employer rule has brought a sense of relief and security to small business owners and workers alike.
By supporting this legislation, Senator Schmitt has demonstrated his commitment to protecting the interests of local businesses and preserving jobs in Missouri. The repeal of the joint employer rule is a crucial step towards ensuring the success and independence of franchise businesses in our state. The franchise community is grateful for Senator Schmitt’s leadership and the positive impact it has had on their businesses and employees.

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