Optimizing Load Performance with QuiCur(TM) Technology

ROHM Co., Ltd. has developed primary LDO regulators with a high output voltage of 45 V and 500 mA, specifically designed for automotive applications. These regulators, known as the BD9xxM5-C series, are perfect for powering electronic components found in motor vehicles, such as control devices that rely on the vehicle’s battery for power.

The increasing electrification in the automotive industry has led to a rise in the number of on-board electrical systems and functions. As a result, the demand for primary LDO regulators that can efficiently transfer battery voltage directly to MCUs and other components in ECUs has also increased. The BD9xxM5-C series from ROHM addresses this demand by providing stable output even in the face of sudden voltage fluctuations from the vehicle’s lead-acid battery.

One of the key features of the BD9xxM5-C series is the QuiCur(TM) high-speed load response technology, which enables the LDO regulators to quickly respond to load current fluctuations. This technology ensures that the output voltage remains within 100 mV of the set voltage, even when the load changes rapidly between 0 and 500 mA within 1 microsecond. Additionally, the low power consumption of 9.5 microamps (typ.) helps reduce overall power consumption in automotive applications.

ROHM offers the BD9xxM5-C series in four different packages, ranging from compact options like HTSOP-J8 to higher heat dissipation packages like TO252 and HRP5 types. This variety allows users to select the most suitable housing for their specific application needs.

Moving forward, ROHM remains committed to improving reliability and reducing power consumption in automotive applications by leveraging its expertise in analog and other technologies. As the automotive industry continues to evolve, ROHM will continue to develop innovative products to meet the changing demands of the market.

For more information about ROHM and their latest developments in primary LDO regulators, visit their official website at https://www.rohm.com/.

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