PALADIN Playbook and Resource Repository for Patient Advocacy-Biopharmaceutical Collaboration

In a recent press release from the PALADIN Consortium, a Playbook and Resource Repository for patient advocacy groups (PAG) and biopharmaceutical companies have been announced. The Playbook contains process maps, forms, and template agreements to facilitate collaborations, while the Resource Repository offers over 100 best-in-class operational resources with links to the organizations that developed them. Both resources are available for free on Paladinconsortium.org, aiming to improve collaboration effectiveness and efficiency in the healthcare industry.

Established in 2023, PALADIN is a US-focused consortium of patient advocacy groups and biopharmaceutical companies working together to enhance the pace of new medicine development. By providing tools and resources like the Playbook and Resource Repository, PALADIN seeks to streamline the process of initiating and guiding collaborations between PAGs and industry partners.

Trish Davidson, PALADIN Consortium Program Director at Tufts CSDD, highlighted the collaborative effort behind the development of the Playbook and Resource Repository. She encourages widespread use of these resources and welcomes feedback from users to support ongoing improvements. Vicky DiBiaso, Sanofi Development & PALADIN Consortium Executive Committee Chair, expressed pride in the dedication of PALADIN members and the impact of the consortium’s resources on industry practices.

For more information about PALADIN and to access the Playbook and Resource Repository, visit Paladinconsortium.org. The Tufts Center for the Study of Drug Development (CSDD), based in Boston, Massachusetts, specializes in data-driven assessments and analyses to optimize global drug development. CSDD facilitates consortia, hosts educational events, and publishes the Tufts CSDD Impact Report, a newsletter offering insights into critical drug development issues.

As the healthcare industry continues to evolve, initiatives like the PALADIN Consortium play a crucial role in fostering collaboration and driving innovation. By providing valuable resources and tools, PALADIN aims to support the development of new medicines and improve patient outcomes. Stay updated on the latest developments from PALADIN by visiting their website and exploring the Playbook and Resource Repository today.

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