Wednesday, July 10, 2024

Peach Tech & Orient Asset Management (HK) Partner for Web3 Finance

Peach Tech Limited and Orient Asset Management (Hong Kong) Limited have announced an innovative partnership to integrate traditional financial institutions with Web3 digital assets in Hong Kong. Through this collaboration, Peach Tech will provide advisory services and infrastructure for tokenizing real-world assets managed by Orient HK under the Peach Investment Fund (PIF) and Peach Investment Fund Token (PIFT). This partnership signifies a significant milestone in transforming how traditional financial assets, such as real estate, can be tokenized, fostering a more integrated financial ecosystem between TradFi and crypto in Asia.

David Koh, Chief Operating Officer of Peach Tech Limited, expressed excitement about the partnership, emphasizing the importance of bridging the gap between traditional finance and blockchain technology. Zhao Guodong, Director of Orient Asset Management (Hong Kong) Limited, highlighted their commitment to advancing the tokenization of real-world assets and leveraging Web3 technologies to redefine the financial landscape.

Peach Tech Limited is a leading technology company focused on bridging traditional financial assets with blockchain technology. They offer various services in the crypto and RWA space, including advisory, tokenization of real-world assets, and token issuance. Orient Asset Management (Hong Kong) Limited, a subsidiary of Orient Securities International Financial Group Co. Ltd, specializes in asset management services outside of mainland China, providing private funds, public funds, investment management accounts, and advisory services.

This strategic partnership between Peach Tech and Orient HK is set to revolutionize the financial industry in Hong Kong by integrating traditional financial institutions with Web3 digital assets. By leveraging the expertise and resources of both companies, the collaboration aims to accelerate the adoption of blockchain technology in managing and tokenizing real-world assets. This partnership exemplifies the growing trend of collaboration between traditional finance and blockchain technology, leading to a more transparent, efficient, and accessible financial ecosystem.

For more information about this groundbreaking partnership, visit the websites of Peach Tech Limited and Orient Asset Management (Hong Kong) Limited. Stay updated on the latest developments in the integration of traditional finance with blockchain technology and the tokenization of real-world assets.

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